Florsheim is committed to enriching the communities that we build in "one step at a time, one house at a time." Established in 1998, the Foundation has raised over $2.1 million dollars for charitable organizations! The foundation donates a fixed amount for each Florsheim home built, year in, year out. The Foundation's purpose is to support organizations that help women, children and others in their surrounding area as well as abroad. To serve this purpose, the Foundation holds fundraising events throughout the year, with our cornerstone Annual Golf Tournament being the greatest single source of our charitable donations.


Florsheim Homes was started in 1983 with the goal of building a few homes for friends and family. As our business grew over the years, so did our ability to touch people's lives and provide shelter to more than just our homeowners. To Florsheim Homes, being homebuilders means that we can help to build the dreams of those less fortunate and apply our donations so that they can have the most meaningful, most immediate impact on the lives of those that might benefit from them.

Who We Help

We align ourselves with charitable organizations both big and small, dedicated to a variety of different causes. See the circles of snapshots below for an introduction to some of our favorite charities!

Women’s Center
of San Joaquin

Children’s Home
of Stockton

Mary Graham
Children's Foundation

Salvation Army
for Kids Day

St. Mary's
Dining Room

Camp Taylor
(Heart Patients)

Golf Tournament
Held Annually in Aug/Sept

Our homebuilding trade partners look forward to our Annual Golf Tournament, Silent Auction and dinner every year; not just for the chance to get out on the golf course, but because these are the primary means through which we're able to raise funds for those that need it most.

The event returns to Stockton in 2019!


Board Members

David Florsheim

Bob Florsheim
Vice President

Melody Machado

Diane Florsheim

John Vosbein

Ralph Yasin

Randy Bling

Benjamin Florsheim

Greg Cronin

How To Participate

We are here to help and also to expand our reach. Feel free to contact us with questions or to make a donation, should the inspiration be with you.

Contact Us

Florsheim Foundation
1701 W. March Ln, Ste. D
Stockton, CA 95207
Ph: 209.473.1106
Fax: 209.473.4023